Vitamin Salads: Improve Your Health

Vitamin salads are useful at any time of the year: in the summer they help us stay in shape during a tiring hot day, in the autumn they cheer up even in the most negative weather, in the winter they do not allow us to finally fall into “hibernation”, and in the spring vitamin salads are also necessary to protect from the first dangerous sun rays.

Vitamin salads and their beneficial properties

Vitamin salads cannot only elevate mood, improve general well-being or get rid of metabolic problems, but also have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, endocrine and other systems. Depending on the selection of ingredients, some vitamin salads can qualitatively affect the vision condition and the kidneys, while the action of others will be aimed at normalizing pressure and stabilizing the functioning of the cardiac muscle. In this regard, maximum attention should be paid to the ingredients for the preparation of a light, rich in vitamins salad. Consider the beneficial properties of the most popular lettuce-greens to understand which vitamin salad is the most perfect for you.



Arugula is one of the most frequently used salads, the useful properties of which became known in ancient Rome. Vitamin salads from arugula contain a huge amount of iodine, potassium, magnesium, iron, and are rich in calcium and vitamin C. That is why arugula is necessary for people with cardiac and digestive system pathologies: it increases hemoglobin levels, improves metabolism, and has a beneficial effect on immunity.



Cornsalad is a kind of vitamin salad, which has a calming and healing effect. In addition, eating cornsalad has a positive effect on the work of the urinary system.



Spinach is truly rich in vitamins and microelements! You get a huge amount of vitamins of groups A and C adding it in your diet. The main useful microelements are stored in spinach leaves even when heating. It also contains a set of proteins, fiber and carotene that the body needs. Vitamin salads with spinach will help cleanse the body of toxins and get rid of cholesterol, tidy up the bowels, and also have an impact on the heart.



Romaine is a vitamin salad with a long history has been discovered for about 5 thousand years. It is rich in vitamins A and C, and also contains the amount of iron and calcium necessary for the body to work properly. It helps to fight with excess weight, strengthens bone tissue, normalizes water exchange.



Unlike other salads, frisse contains a large amount of vitamin B. It is also rich in fiber and has almost no calories. Vitamin salads on the basis of frisse will help you quickly lose those extra pounds, strengthen the cardiac system and cleanse the body.

Iceberg lettuce


Iceberg lettuce is a vitamin salad differing in the amount of folic acid the body needs, which helps to strengthen the nervous system. Such salads are beneficial for overcoming mental fatigue, stress, apathy and depression.

Recipes for vitamin salads for every day

In order to feel the full benefits of real vitamin salads, we offer you a few simple recipes that do not take much time and help you easily survive the effects of avitaminosis.

Arugula with radishes and tomatoes will help you get rid of a bad mood, fatigue and blues! This light vitamin salad will not only have a positive effect on your well-being but also allow you to feel a real surge of strength and energy. Ingredients are easy to find that it requires 10 minutes to pick up the basket with all the necessary products.

Cornsalad with mint-citrus dressing is perfect for those who plan to be in shape by the beginning of the holiday season. The combination of delicate crunchy cornsalad with orange slices and pomegranate seeds gives lightness and good mood for the whole day! This vitamin salad is so low in calories that you can eat it in almost unlimited quantities!